How to Join the Convent?

The decision of joining a community of priests, religious brothers and sisters or monks usually requires prayers, adequate research as well as preparedness. Besides, the process is often more complicated than just getting blessings from a priest. Once you become a covenant, you will have to devote your entire life to the service of the church, especially in the Catholic faith. Convents are often assigned a variety of duties, depending on his or her religion.

Moreover, some vow to devote themselves in players while others serve their community by helping the poor, teaching in schools and providing a variety of healthcare services. However, one may ask, how can you become a convent? Becoming a convent involves personal sacrifice accompanied by an intense training period.

Faiths such as Catholics and Buddhism have more or less similar requirements of becoming a convent. However, the following are some of the training that one is required to undergo to become a Catholic convent.
An individual must, therefore, do some spiritual counseling and if you feel a strong calling of faith, then you are ready to go. The following are some of the requirements necessary for candidates:

Requirements for becoming a covenant
• You should not be married or engaged in any kind of relationship.
• You should not have any children who are still dependent on you.
• You must be a member of that particular faith. For instance, to be a Catholic convent, you must belong to the Catholic faith.
• You should be free from any debt.

Once you have decided to become a convent and you meet the above requirements, you need to get some education. Majority of religious communities prefer applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree more so in religion-related colleges. However, this is not a must.

Apply to join a specific order. Convents have subgroups known as orders. Each order usually has its own set of rules that dictates how the convents should dress or carry themselves. Here, they take weeks while living with their fellow convents within the same order.

The fellow convents within the order will determine whether or not you are fit. If you are qualified to be a convent, you will then proceed to the next stage. Also, you will receive spiritual and practical concerns from spiritual leaders.

While at this stage, you will be made to undergo a series of training. This often lasts for about several months. During this period, you will be put under several tests that you must pass to proceed to the next level, which is the novice stage.

During the novice stage, you will be assigned a new name. He or she will take a minimum of two years while studying on spiritual matters. Once you are affirmed, you will be made to take your first temporary vow of chastity, celibacy, and obedience. In some cases, these temporary vows last up to nine years.

After fulfilling the temporary vows, you will take your last or final pledge. This now makes you ready to lead a religious life as a convent – learn here about biblical definition of covenant.